Jack Ma once went to KFC for a job.

“If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure”

Jack Ma


These lines of Jack Ma come from the experience he has gained during his life.

Jack Ma the billionaire founder of Ali Baba group and Asia’s richest man and the world’s 14th wealthiest man as per June 2017 and has recently gained a whopping amount of 2.8 billion to be added to its net worth.

He is a billionaire founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and it gained 2.8 billion overnight as Alibaba’s group holding Ltd forecast sales growth that topped every analyst’s estimate despite China decelerating economy.

His net worth has jumped 8.5 billion this year to 41.8 billion which was just 24.8 billion in 2015. He has become a global icon in business and entrepreneurship, one of the world’s most influential businessmen. He was ranked 2nd in Fortune’s 2017 world 50 greatest leaders list.

The struggle he has faced in reaching this position is the best example of never give up. The name Jack was given to him not by his parents but by his foreigner colleagues from whom he learned to speak English as they found difficult to pronounce his Chinese name.

Jack applied for 30 different jobs and got rejected by all. He even went to KFC for a job when it came to his city, 24 people including Ma applied for a job all get selected but Jack Ma was the only one to get rejected. In addition to that, he applied 10 times in Harvard and also get rejected there.

Everything was not going in his way but he still don’t give up and keep on trying, when Jack Ma heard about the internet he take it as a great platform and created its first company China yellow pages which were dedicated to creating websites for companies and within three years the company made USD 800000 from there the success period of Jack started and he never looked back after that the equivalent credit should also Tim Berners-Lee the man behind creating world wide web.

When the Ali Baba group has partially fixed its step it has to face competition from us based Amazon but due to large customer base Alibaba lands in a winning position and till now rules the China market.


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