Guys, today’s topic is quite interesting and is different from others it’s about success and failure you are aware of these terms and these have a great impact on our life sometimes there comes a point in life where you have to face tough times.


I am not talking about constipation…..BUT…jokes apart, let’s be serious now, yeah there comes a situation in everyone’s life where he or she has to go through hard times but guys this is not the end.

Mark my words this is not the end!!

In these type of situations, there are two kinds of people with different perceptions towards failures, first are those who are of weak heart I mean to say more sensitive, they assume that they are failures and will remain forever in simple words they accept their defeat without making further efforts while on the other hand there are some who take failures as a part of success and they never give up!!

Unlike, the first category and keeps on trying with their best efforts and one day achieve success this means that to get the success you have to keep on putting your efforts. 

Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experience 

 Sandeep Maheshwari

As from above, you know what I am going to discuss but there is an extra bonus for you I am going to discuss it with real life examples and the lines above explains it well also.

From bartender and vendor to salesman these 6 successful people work at humble jobs before they reach the stage of success.

Let’s begin…….



Owner– Dallas Mavericks

Job– Bartender

Mark Cuban currently millionaire who is the owner of Dallas Mavericks once at the age of 25 after graduating from Indiana University moved to Dallas and started out as a bartender and then worked as a salesman for a PC software retailer.

He got fired because he wanted to go close a deal rather than open the store in morning. That inspired him to open his first business, Micro solutions “When I got to Dallas, I was struggling – sleeping on the floor with six guys in a three-bedroom apartment”

Cuban wrote in his book how to win at the sport of business. Who knows the person who started out as a bartender will become the owner of the company.



CEO– Goldman Sachs

Job– Lawyer, Gambler

Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s top most mutual fund company founded by Warren Buffet, Blankfein presently the CEO of the company does not start his route to finance, he actually started out as a lawyer. He got his law degree from Harvard at age of 24, and then takes a job as an associate at law from Donovan leisure.

At that age he was a heavy smoker and an occasional gambler despite the fact that he was on the partner track at the firm, he decides to switch to the investment banking joining J Aron at the age of 27.



CEO– Starbucks

Job– Xerox salesman

We are known for the coffee chain Starbucks and have often spent time there, Howard Schultz presently the CEO of the company once worked as a Xerox salesman. His success there leads a Swedish coffee- machine – making company named Hammerplast to recruit him at the age of 26.

While working there, he encountered the first Starbucks outlets in Seattle and went to join the company at 29 and from there the turning point of his life begins.




Rowling the name who everyone knows and you know the reason for her being famous, yeah you are right Harry Potter series the series which is most memorable part of 90’s born and will remain forever and this series is one of the most successful and popular ones in the world of cinema but behind this success there is a lot of struggle, Rowling when was 25 worked as a secretary for the London office of Amnesty International, when she came up with the idea for HARRY POTTER during delayed four hour train ride in 1990. She started writing the first book that evening, but it took her years to finish it.

Rowling was fired for daydreaming too much about Harry Potter, and her severance check would help her focus on writing the next few years. During these years she got married, had a daughter, got divorced and was diagnosed with clinical depression before finally finishing the book in 1995 and struggle was not end here even many publishers reject it to publish and it was finally published in 1997.

“A person who wants to be successful in life he will not be failed once he will fail thousands of times”

 Sandeep Maheshwari

These lines well fit the life of Jk Rowling whose life is full of ups and down.



Co-founder– Oracle

Job– Odd jobs as programmer

Another comes from the show now here is the co-founder of true example of never give up spirit, when he was born her mother was unmarried and his adoptive father repeatedly told him that he was good for nothing and today it’s total net worth is 54 billion, he was a college dropout and do odd jobs after it, he never took a computer science class in his life and today he is the founder of one of the most known database software firm.

But becoming a billionaire was never his goal according to him “When I started Oracle, what I wanted to do was to create an environment where I could enjoy working and sure wanted to make living. I certainly never expected to become rich, certainly not this rich”



Founder– KFC

Colonel Sanders the name who should act as role model for the youth today as they are too afraid of failures and even take drastic steps regarding it, Colonel was when 6 years old his father passed away and leave Sanders to take off his siblings, he dropped out of school in seventh grade, at 16 he faked his age to get job in military, hired as a labour and also get fired, in 1920 found a ferry boat that was not very successful and tried cashing his ferry boat business into lamp manufacturing but suffers huge losses, at age 40 he started selling chicken at railway stations and after years he tried to franchise his restaurant, his recipe was rejected 1009 times before anyone accepted it.

Sander’s secret recipe was coined “Kentucky Fried Chicken” and quickly became a hit.

After years of failures and misfortunes, Sanders finally hit a big!! And today his franchise is in 118 countries.


So now if you are overwhelmed by rejection by setbacks, remember the story of Colonel Harland Sanders.

So I hope that after reading this you will also be motivated and will never fear from a failure and instead of that will develop a spirit of never give up!!

“God helps those who help themselves”

The famous line stands famous as they correctly give a proof of above successful instances.


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