Hey, you??

Yes, I am talking to you, reading my article late night……. MAYBE……. You also keep waking up at night for some reason.

First of all, understand that waking up in the middle of the night is completely normal and part of our human DNA.

So, It’s not just you buddy……it happens to everybody.

Well, when we wake up at night…..looking absolutely stupid……wondering why the hell am I awake……

So, I have got an answer……

No, I am not going to tell you that some spirit stares you all night…..that’s why you keep waking up.

These are genuine reasons.

Let’s get straight into the reasons behind you keep waking up at night: –



Stress affects your feelings, your body, and the way you act. The right amount of stress can actually help you. It keeps you alert and full of energy. Too much, though, can harm your quality of life and keep you awake at night.

Results are coming is a stress.

Homework pending is a stress.

Family related issues is a stress.

Job-related issue is a stress.

So, I mentioned some kind of stress that people normally go through every day. This stress affects our body…..as we keep waking up at night.

What will happen if you take the stress of these related things……nothing will happen…..but your health will get affected.


Meditation or Yoga may help.

People with serious stress-sleep issues may benefit from psychotherapy like Cognitive behavioral therapy.



Sweating can also be a problem to you waking up at night frequently. If you have a habit to sleep in AC ……but one day you have to sleep under a fan. So, you will not be able to sleep properly because of immense sweat.

In women, sweating can be a result of low estrogen levels, which drop just before or during a period, or in the menopause.

Men who sweat at night, even when it’s not that warm, could have low testosterone.

Night sweats can signify problems such as cancer or heart issues.


Take a bath before bed.



Common problem assists with going to the loo and it disturbs your sleep and you keep waking up at night.

But if you find yourself waking up 2 to 4 times a night for the pee, even when you limit your evening drinking then you should try this solution.


About 30 minutes before going to sleep, drink a small glass of water with a pinch of unprocessed sea salt. Our bodies try to maintain an internal balance of water and electrolytes.

Too much water without enough salt and your body may try to jettison some H20, which may explain why you’re waking up in the middle of the night to pee.



This is the major problem among all nowadays….that we make a habit of checking out Twitter and Instagram before sleep. This disrupts sleep and you keep waking up at night.

When you try to sleep at night, the phone vibrates and then you wake up and check what is it and then you can’t sleep all night.

From tablet screens to smartphones, electronic devices are light sources people tend to hold close to their faces, which may make them potent sleep disrupters.


Dim your room lights and aim to make your last hour before bed screen-less.

If it is too hard for you, then dimming your phone or tablet’s light, and holding it at least a foot or two from your face.



If you are asthmatic, sleeping can make you feel worse, lying down means mucus can accumulate in the airways, creating pressure on the lungs. In fact, of the estimated five million Brits who suffer from asthma, some only realize they have it because it wakes them at night.

What’s more worrying is waking up gasping for air, which can signify serious heart problems.

So, these are the reasons for you keep waking up at night. Now if you wake up at night, just identify the reason for it …..And try my solution ……it will help.


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