3Today I am going to tell you something about that problem that every people in today life suffer.

No, it’s not cancer, not any breathtaking disease…. it’s much beyond that and now you will be wondering what is beyond that so there existing a problem so serious that………..

No more clues.

Let’s get straight to the point,


I am talking about the battery of a smartphone and I think this is the most important disease to be a cure before above said diseases at the present aura, we are more conscious about our battery percentage as it has become our life support system throughout the day.

We are always in search of a charger and now there comes a well-wisher named POWER BANK comes in our life but we are also fed up with this as earlier our whole aim of the day was to charge our phone by hook or crook but now we have to charge them both.

A person who has a charger point close to the bed is considered the luckiest person in the world.

So there comes a perfect solution to this kind of problem and it is that you can charge your phone without charger, 


No, I am not fooling you; yes it is possible we will soon charge our phone with the Wi-Fi router.

That’s cool and what a best man can get in life……Charging without a charger.

OK sorry, let me explain now otherwise you will remain in suspense.

“The biggest challenge in today’s life is to charge the phone”

Famous writer

Now you will ask who this famous writer is

Don’t search it on the web as it is made during the post and it is not other than the ME……every time it’s not a famous personality…..CHILL!!

Tech giant Apple is experimenting with wireless charging technologies that could see users charge their I phone with a Wi-Fi router.

“Apple patent application for wireless charging and communications systems with dual frequency patch antennas” is a method of transferring power to electronic devices over frequencies normally dedicated to data communications in a recent study.

The patch antennas may be used for wireless power transfer at micro wave frequencies or other frequencies and may be used to support millimeter wave communications. The wireless circuitry may have adjustable features to steer wireless signals associated with the antenna array.

Apple patent application merely covers the theory behind wireless power transmission using existing communication link frequencies. But from the present scenario, it is clear that soon you will also get the chance to avail this technology and I hope it acts as the best solution.


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