Mayweather VS Mcgregor FIGHT MATCH PREDICTIONS (8:30 IST)

Hola people all there, I know there are a lot of hot predictions buzz for the highly anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor bout which has to take place tonight (in India 8:30 am 27th August) and as we are buzz we are here to give you all predictions about the Legendary Match!

The money fight which is an upcoming professional boxing match between undefeated eleven times five division professional boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr and two-division mixed martial arts world champion and current UFC title holder McGregor.

This fight is important for both of the boxers as Mayweather will complete his 50-0 win streak and will remain undefeated while McGregor can become the first ever boxer to beat Mayweather. It will take place in T-mobile Arena in paradise on 26th August 2017 and both of them will retire after the match.

We will today provide you with facts which will give you entire story about prediction in crux and wait we have named it something #Factxpress !!

So here we go ……….

Whosoever wins the bout the another attraction point of this fight is the WBC belt which has 3360 diamonds, 600 sapphires,160 emeralds and the list is on buddy just wait….. 1.5 kg of solid 24-karat gold.

What ??

Pinch me please … that would be your reaction but guys it’s true but it’s not easy to get that because there will be a tough brawl as Mcgregor is emerging UFC fighter and the other side Mayweather the man holding a 49-0 streak of winning with a lot of professional experience is exceptional.

May weather has played big matches like this before (against Pacquiao) also.

1. Mayweather is greatest of all time and has abundant of experience, on the other hand, Gregor the champion mixed martial artist who has never boxed as an amateur or professional and has only been training for months not years. So in this context Weather has an edge over Gregor!!

2. The other point on which prediction can be done is the age factor of both the fighters as Gregor is only 29 years, Mayweather is 40, so his age and fragile hands are the concern which can turn the match into any outcome but we know no body know better defense than Mayweather in the boxing world!

3. There is heavy betting on this match and that is too on Mayweather which includes separate two bets of over $2 million. According to expert, this will be the highest betting match of all time in the history, which is up to 80 million.

Concluding, all the predictions are in the favor of Mayweather whether it is of experts or as far as betting is concerned. So whosoever fan you are I don’t know but the thing I know is that it will be the fight of the century and will attract over 1 billion viewers so don’t switch the channel and enjoy the most awaited fight.

Hope you enjoyed this prediction post !!

Let’s enjoy the match in its full glory !!

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