WWE NEWS (1st September 2017)

Let’s get to this week’s WWE news, updates …..what ever you want to call. There is something always happening in the WWE…..so I am back within a span of 3 days ……to aware you some shocking WWE Updates, news or rumors.

Let’s Start ……


According to Wrestling Observer News Letter, Dave Batista has been rumored to headline the class of 2018 Hall of Fame at Wrestlemania weekend next year.

There are various reasons why Batista should be a headliner in the Hall of Fame….

He was a member of Evolution (one of the greatest groups ever). He is a 6-time-World Champion. He is a former Tag Team Champion.

In my opinion, he fully deserves the top spot at the Hall of Fame class …… and it will great to see him at the Wrestlemania weekend.

Well, what do you think will induct Batista in the WWE Hall of Fame 2018 ??

Let us know down in the comments below.


According to the PW Insider, who believes that Undertaker could be returning to the ring.

We all know that Undertaker was spotted at Summerslam……he was pictured on the flight to New York prior to the event ……and that’s when the rumor kind of started.

He was actually backstage at SummerSlam but never made the appearance at the event.

However, news has since broken that Undertaker was apparently training in the ring before the show itself.

This week Roman Reigns said to John Cena that I have beaten the Undertaker. John Cena replied to Roman that I am not a veteran at the end of his career with a broken hip.

Many people think that there could be Undertaker potential return to WWE and The Undertaker vs John Cena match at Wrestlemania 34.

These clues could possibly mean the Undertaker may return at No mercy 2017 after the match between Roman Reigns VS John Cena.

Well, I really don’t want Undertaker to retire ever……but yeah …..this will happen someday and maybe at Wrestlemania 34.

This was this week’s WWE news and rumors …….stay tuned for more.

If you liked this quick WWE news ….do share it and comment your thoughts about it.

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