Hey guys

There, we are again back with a new update from DEAD GAME

You know what, I mean yes ……you got that right…….

I am talking about blue whale game.

Earlier we told you about the man who was arrested in this case and the statements he gave after getting arrested, now here come in picture another fellow who was the base behind this deadly game that means the original creator, who is the mastermind behind this game.

Recently according to a news update, a 17-year-old Russian girl accused of being the mastermind behind the infamous Blue Whale game, has been arrested.


It let us in a dumbstruck situation and is hard to believe how a girl who is in her teenage can think of creating such a game which has encouraged dozens of vulnerable children to take their own lives.

The unnamed Russian girl issued threats to her victims to murder them or their family members if they failed to obey their orders to complete tasks she set for them.

As the game name is BLUE WHALE …..I will tell you a little bit about it, blue whale lives in all oceans of the world and its tongue weight is more than elephant’s weight and they are fastest growing animal on earth and it can live up to 90 years.

Apart from this, a 21-year-old man was also arrested near Moscow as we mentioned earlier which was accused of inciting young girls to take their lives.

According to a report, the female creator played the game originally but did not end up taking her own life instead choose to become admin of the deadly site to incite other to commit suicide.

The teenagers in the group were blackmailed with death threats against them and their relatives.

She was arrested in the Khabarovsk Krai region in South-eastern Russia.



The first suicide relating to the game was reported in 2015 and in 2016, it became a huge craze.

“Play games to thrill your heart and not to kill your life”

There are so many games which you can get the most out of and full your times with endless joy.

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