WWE SMACKDOWN LIVE RESULTS (19th SEPTEMBER 2017): Corbin VS Styles for the US Title

Welcome everybody to Smackdown live !!

DATE:- September 19, 2017

Oakland, California

Kevin Owens’ brutal attack on WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon last week left the WWE Universe in shock. This Tuesday, the reinstated Shane McMahon will address KO and his actions. With a showdown inside Hell in a Cell awaiting them, what will Shane have to say?

With a showdown inside Hell in a Cell awaiting them, what will Shane have to say?

Let’s start….


Shane gets in the ring. Shane says we all just witness the cowardly act by Kevin Owens last week, beating down his father in the middle of this ring.

“One thing’s for sure, my old man is one tough salty S.O.B.”

He talks about having differences in the past with his father, but he loves him. Shane wants Owens to imagine if he was home last week, with his children and watched someone he loved get beat down by a coward. He says when anyone crosses a McMahon, the family will strike down with vengeance and he isn’t sure Owens realized what he has done. Shane says Owens is a no-show so far tonight. He talks about Owens beating down the patriarch of the McMahon family.

Shane condemns Owens to a beating inside Hell in a Cell.

1st MATCH OF SMACKDOWN LIVE ⇒ Randy Orton VS Aiden English (1 on 1)

Winner:- Randy Orton
It was a quick match ending with a mid-air RKO. That’s cool !!

After the match, Rusev walks out with a mic in hand. Rusev said going into SummerSlam he was going to be a national hero in his homeland of Bulgaria. He said instead, Orton turned him into a national disgrace and tonight he is going to rip the fangs out of the Viper’s mouth.

Rusev drops the mic and gets inside the ring. The referee calls for the bell and here we go.

2nd MATCH OF SMACKDOWN LIVE ⇒ Rusev VS Randy Orton (1 on 1)

Winner:- Rusev
Finally, Rusev getting a win against Randy Orton ….. “RUSEV NO.1” …..HAHA.


It was another bad promo…..No creativity at all. And again heavy overacting by the Singh Brothers. 2 straight weeks of poor promos. BAD !!


3rd MATCH OF SMACKDOWN LIVE ⇒ AJ Styles VS Baron Corbin (1 on 1)

Winner:- No Winner
Ultimately, there was no contest for the US Title. It was just a brawl.


Charlotte thanks everyone for the support involving her father Ric Flair. She talks about life being fragile and how she plans to make every moment count going forward.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya walks out to interrupt. Natalya says everyone is happy that her father is doing better as they were all worried about him.

Natalya says it is time to talk about more important things and tells Charlotte to stay put. She is hosting a celebration tonight. Natalya brings up the recent Mae Young Classic tournament. She said women break down the barrier and tonight is a celebration of all women. Natalya wants to focus on one woman.

“A woman that completed the journey that Amelia Earhart could not.” Natalya reveals a photo of her holding up the Smackdown Women’s Championship inside the ring as Charlotte lets out a “wow.” Charlotte thanks Natalya for interrupting her tonight because she is ready to challenge her for the title.

Here comes Becky Lynch with a mic in hand. She apologizes to Natalya for interrupting her ego-Olympics. Becky says Natalya is crazy. She says while she also cares for Ric Flair, Becky disagrees with Charlotte because that title is coming back to her where it belongs. Naomi is out next to interrupt. She says Natalya doesn’t represent women or even the women of Smackdown Live. Naomi is also looking for a title match.

Here come Tamina and Lana. Lana tries to apologize to Natalya. Natalya thanks her. Lana then calls her a crazy cat lady. She says it is Tamina’s turn when all these other women in the ring failed.

Natalya bails and says she isn’t a crazy cat lady.

Here comes Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan. He books Naomi, Becky Lynch, Tamina and Charlotte Flair in a fatal four-way match for tonight where the winner will face Natalya at Hell in a Cell.

Another weak promo !!

4th MATCH OF SMACKDOWN LIVE ⇒ The New Day VS The Hype Bros (Tag Team Match)

Winner:- The New Day
It was a great tag team match between The New Day and The Hype Bros.


Kevin Owens is now live via satellite. He wants to apologize and doesn’t know what came over him. Owens wants to apologize to the WWE Universe, WWE management and the entire McMahon family. He can also say with complete sincerity: “Shane, you had it coming. This is all on you, Shane. You made me do that. You made me attack your father. You made me want to headbutt his skull off his shoulders.”

Owens says Shane disrespected him first and forced him to do that. He says while he has nothing but respect for Vince McMahon, he became Shane in that moment and he wants to make one more apology. Owens says what he did to Vince is nothing compared to what he will do to Shane at Hell in a cell. He says Shane may want to condemn him to hell, but people like him go to heaven.

It was a great promo …..Owens delivered the promo well and keeping the heat of the feud alive.

Dolph Ziggler is out live in Oakland. He talks about making his “elaborate entrances” the last few weeks and how they were talent that couldn’t lace his boots. Ziggler again refers to himself as the greatest in-ring performer in WWE history.

He walks to the back and comes back out dressed like Triple H. Ziggler spits out water. He asks the fans if that was cool and if he can run NXT now. Ziggler heads to the back again and walks out dressed like Shawn Michaels complete with a cowboy hat and chaps.

He says he can actually feel himself losing his smile. Ziggler isn’t done yet. He comes back out to the DX music complete with green glow sticks. Ziggler has two words for ya: “who cares.” He says the fans don’t care about in-ring performance. “You don’t care. I am the best ever. And you couldn’t care less. And I don’t care about you.”


5th MATCH IF SMACKDOWN LIVE ⇒ Naomi VS Becky Lynch VS Tamina VS Charlotte Flair (Fatal 4 Way Match)

Winner:- And the New No.1 Contender for the Smackdown Women’s Championship…….Charlotte

It was a good main event. Charlotte seems like the right choice to challenge for the title after they cooled off on her.

What do you think about this week’s SMACKDOWN LIVE ??

Let us know down in the comments below !!

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