DATE: September 25, 2017

Ontario, California

In the wake of Roman Reigns’ iconic victory over 16-time World Champion John Cena, Intercontinental Champion The Miz is looking to hit The Big Dog with a slew of hard questions on “The Most Must-See TV Show in WWE History.”]

Let’s start…..


We’re set for another episode of Miz TV. Last night, The Miz defeated Jason Jordan to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship with an assist from The Miztourage. Miz welcomes the crowd to Miz TV. After last night’s victory, tonight is a night of celebration. We are in Southern California. After Miz TV is over, he’s going to drive to his home in Hollywood Hills, slide next to his pregnant wife, and discuss their unborn child’s future. His child won’t be a loser like Kurt Angle’s son, Jason Jordan.

Before he does that, he’d like to get to his guest. He’s the so-called “Big Dog” of WWE. Last night, he had an historic victory over John Cena. Miz tells them to get out of their seats and welcome his guest, Roman Reigns. Miz mentions that Reigns beat Undertaker at WrestleMania and had an equally impressive victory against John Cena. On RAW Talk, Cena said this was a “passing of the torch moment.” How does he feel with that coming from Cena?

Reigns says he’ll cut to the chase and says he respects John Cena now. Cena said a lot of stuff to him and backed it all up in the ring. The fact is Cena did it for 15 years. There’s not another top guy that can say that. That’s why he’s proud to say that he beat Cena last night. It was the biggest win he’s ever had in his entire career. Miz wasn’t the only one celebrating. Reigns had a long night and has a hurt back and doesn’t understand why he’s talking to an idiot like Miz.

Miz says Reigns is THE guy, but THE guy in the ring is the guy with the championships. At No Mercy, he retained his title and made it the most prestigious title in WWE. Miz proved that Jason Jordan is nothing but a loser. Reigns says he’s been in the ring with Miz and Jordan, and Jordan is a thoroughbred. Miz couldn’t beat him one-on-one. If it weren’t for The Miztourage, he’d have lost. Five years ago, if The Miztourage was around, no one would remember The Shield. Miz asks him to ponder what would happen if The Miztourage beat The Shield. Reigns says they’d have whooped their ass no problem. Miz won’t get that because Dean and Seth are doing their thing, and he’s doing his. Reigns is going after The Beast for the Universal Championship. Miz mentions how many times Reigns choked against Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, and Brock Lesnar. Reigns has never been Universal Champion, but he acts like he’s better than Miz. Miz has carried this show and made the title what it is today. Miz will not be disrespected. Reigns suggests they have a match. Reigns asks the crowd if they want to see him beat The Miz tonight. Miz yells that he has a suit on. Miz quickly leaves the ring.

Kurt Angle’s music hits, and the RAW General Manager makes his way to the stage to a big reaction. Angle sets up two matches for the night:-

1.) Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan VS The Miztorage (Tag Team Match)

2.) Roman Reigns VS The Miz (1 on 1)

1st MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan VS The Miztorage (Tag Team Match)


Winner:- Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan
A decent match. The crowd is really not into Jason Jordan.

Elias is in the ring, and the crowd offers him loud boos. Elias plays a riff and asks who wants to walk with him. Last night, he walked right through Apollo Crews at No Mercy. Tonight is the encore. Elias tells them to hold their applause and tune in. Elias sings that Crews is a loser. Titus Worldwide is going to fail, which the world will clearly see. This town is an awful place, so he’ll wipe the smile off Apollo’s face.

2nd MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Apollo Crews VS Elias (1 on 1)


Winner:- Elias
Another match which I ignore for many reasons. I don’t know what WWE is doing with Apollo Crews.


Curt Hawkins is in the ring. He’s tired of being the guy with a 118 match losing streak. That all ends tonight. Who wants to make history with him?

Braun Strowman answers the call!

Well, the match never started. Strowman charges the ring, and Hawkins immediately leaves the ring and goes through the crowd. Strowman goes through the crowd and chases him down. Strowman grabs him and chokeslams him through a table the tech guys were using. Strowman throws him onto the stage, scoops him up, and hits a Running Powerslam through the LED wall of the set!

Strowman gets in the ring and says after last night he’s on a path of destruction. Strowman isn’t leaving until someone comes out and gives him a real fight.

Dean Ambrose’s music hits, and he comes out and pretends to show concern for Hawkins before shrugging it off. Ambrose’s shoulder is taped up. He’ll face Strowman, next.

3rd MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Brawn Strowman VS Dean Ambrose (1 on 1)


Winner:- Brawn Strowman
I actually enjoyed this Strowman/Ambrose match. Wasn’t sure it was the right move to send Ambrose out, but it worked fine.


RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring. Bliss says she knows she doesn’t always see eye to eye with the crowd, but she thinks of them as friends. You have to be honest with your friends. She has to tell them the truth. She is very disappointed in each and every one of them. She beat four women last night. They were the best Monday Night RAW has to offer in Bayley, Emma, Sasha Banks, and Nia Jax. This morning, she checked her phone and expected to see people congratulating her. It was full of nonsense and gossip. People are wondering about Sasha and Bayley or talking about Asuka debuting at WWE TLC. She asks what’s wrong with them. They’re so fascinated with what will happen tomorrow that they don’t appreciate being in the presence of a goddess right now. She doesn’t need this disrespect from them. She cleaned out the entire Women’s Division.

Mickie James’ music hits, and she comes out to the ring. James says Bliss had a great night last night, but she wasn’t in that match. Bliss hasn’t beat her yet. James says after her great night, Bliss had some really tall talk on RAW Talk. James invites her to say what she said again. Bliss says she respects James. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have brought her back to WWE. James might actually be on her Top 8 on MySpace, which is when James was relevant. James asks if she’s scared. Bliss thinks James has a lot to offer WWE. She still has a few fans that think she’s still got it. Bliss thinks it’s great that James’ demographic has someone to represent them. In the ring, she respects James, but she doesn’t want to see her break a hip. James says the last thing she needs is someone like Bliss run down her accolades. She knows who she is. She’s a six-time Women’s Champion and has broken bones, hearts, and barriers for women in WWE all before Bliss was wearing a training bra, which is obviously still working out well for her. What she wants is Bliss to repeat what she said on RAW Talk like a real woman — to her face. James says Bliss either says what she says or she gets out of the ring because this place is no place for a coward. Bliss says that James is an old lady.

James slaps her and takes her down with a Mick Kick. Bliss rolls out of the ring and retreats.

Surprisingly, a good segment with Bliss and Mickie James. They haven’t used Mickie a lot, but she got a nice reaction from this.

4th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Seth Rollins VS Sheamus (1 on 1)


Winner:- Seth Rollins
Good, quick match with Sheamus and Rollins. Still, I feel like I’ve seen some combo of these teams face on an endless loop.

5th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Roman Reigns VS The Miz (1 on 1)


Winner:- Roman Reigns
That was awesome. This looks like it’s leading to a complete Shield reunion. I’m thinking this is a Survivor Series main event.

6th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Finn Bálor VS Goldust (1 on 1)


Winner:- Finn Bálor
When is this Bálor and Wyatt feud be over? This is so confusing and boring at the same time. Bálor became the 1st ever Universal champion and now look at him. Such a dull matchup.

7th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Nia Jax and Emma VS Sasha Banks and Bayley (Tag Team Match)


Winner:- Sasha Banks and Bayley
Emma taking the pin here is what should have happened last night. Still, makes no sense to have Bayley return out of nowhere to lose.

Next week on RAW, we’ll see:-

1.) Seth Rollins VS Brawn Strowman (1 on 1)

2.) Roman Reigns VS The Miz (WWE Intercontinental Championship Match)




Enzo Amore’s music hits, and the WWE Cruiserweight Champion comes out to a better reception than he’s received in recent weeks. Enzo Amore is your new Cruiserweight Champion. Enzo says he woke up this morning in his California king bed. He looked over and saw the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on, and he started reflecting. In the past couple of months, he’s dealt with some real haters. Over the last few months, he’s received some major scrutiny and ate some humble pie, but he’s full now. They’re just jealous like his former tag team partner Big Cass. The last time he saw him, he was hobbling and crying out of a Brooklyn arena. That schmuck said he held him back, but he has a title and Cass has a bad knee. Enzo held Cass up. When he thinks about the WWE Universe and the “You Can’t Wrestle” chants, those same words were once said to John Cena, Batista, and The Rock. They had mainstream power like he does. At the end of the day, he really did it. In order to celebrate his win, he’s going to retire his jersey and unveils it. Enzo also did something the other Cruiserweights couldn’t do that is to “MAKE 205 LIVE RELEVANT”

The entire roster of Cruiserweights come out to the 205 Live music. Enzo calls them all a bunch of haters. Enzo says he can see “Richie Swann,” and he calls him small. Swann danced his way to a title and then danced his way to being a nobody. Enzo then calls out Cedric Alexander and says he’s the man charisma forgot. As for Gran Metalik, he likes him but he’s got nerve coming out here. With a gut like his, there’s no way he’s under 205. As for Drew Gulak, he’s happy he doesn’t have his Captain Underpants gear on tonight.

Enzo keeps on going until Neville’s music hits, and he comes out with dark circles under his eyes and looking lethargic. Enzo says Neville’s crown is on the shoulder of a real man. Enzo dances around the ring while holding up the title. The truth is that Enzo is such an unbearable, toxic individual that he’s alienated everyone he’s come into contact with. The crowd cheers that. Enzo arrived on Monday Night RAW to much fanfare, but two years later he was dumped on their doorstep like an unwanted little slug because no one wants him. If it were left to him, he’d have left Enzo out in the cold to rot. It was the Cruiserweights behind him, the so-called “nobodies,” that insisted he gets an opportunity. Is this how he repays them? Enzo says he repays them by making them stars. Neville says Enzo is nothing but a disgrace and made a joke out of them, this division, and his Cruiserweight Championship. When Enzo kicked him where the sun doesn’t shine, he made a joke out of Neville. Now on behalf of the entire Cruiserweight Division, he is here to end him.

Neville drops the microphone and charges the ring. Enzo holds up the clause that says if he lays a hand on him, he won’t get a title opportunity. Enzo says this is the last hour of RAW. This is the main event. In nine months of holding the title, Neville never sniffed this hour. That’s the truth, and he knows it. The reason he’s out here with these Cruiserweights is because he’s a star. Neville and the Cruiserweights can’t touch his merchandise checks. Enzo tells him to get out of the ring and go home.

Neville starts beating up Enzo Amore and finally hit his RED ARROW to close the show. The crowd and the Cruiserweights are clapping. Enzo is left laying.

Overall, this was a pretty good RAW.  Quite a few good segments, some decent matches, and some good teases for the future.





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