DATE: September 26, 2017

Glendale, Arizona

Let’s start…..


Owens grabs the mic and asks where Shane McMahon is.

“I’ve been called a coward for what I did to Vince McMahon. I’ve been called a coward for not being at Smackdown Live last week.”

Owens says he is here tonight and standing in the middle of the ring of opportunity. He again asks where Shane is. Owens suggests maybe Shane is the coward. He respects Vince McMahon. Owens says just imagine what he will do to someone he doesn’t.

Here comes Sami Zayn to interrupt. Sami grabs a mic and asks Owens what is wrong with him. He isn’t out here to fight. Sami says Owens has lost complete control. He talks about knowing Owens for 15 years and knows when he snaps, it never ends well and he realized once again that Owens snapped by headbutting Vince McMahon. Sami warns Owens he is about to cross a line he never has before at Hell in a Cell against Shane.

Owens says he knows Sami isn’t really out here to talk sense into him. Owens suggests he has outshined Sami once again and points out how much more successful his WWE career has been. He says Sami should watch Hell in a Cell if he thinks he’s already gone too far. Owens asks Sami what he has ever done in his life that left the same impact he did on the skull of Vince McMahon.

Sami agrees with Owens’ assessment of his WWE career, but points out Owens took a lot of shortcuts and he will get his break the right way. He said the biggest difference between them is that when he looks in the mirror he doesn’t see a giant piece of trash looking back at him. Owens drops his mic. Sami drops his.

Here comes Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan. Bryan says he isn’t sure if Shane will be here tonight, but he knows someone that is here that would love to fight him.

Match for the Main Event is set as:-

Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn (1 on 1)

Pretty good promo exchange between Owens and Zayn to kick off the show.

1st MATCH OF SMACKDOWN LIVE ⇒ Baron Corbin VS Tye Dillinger (1 on 1)


Winner:- Baron Corbin (Win by Count Out)
Dillinger vs. Corbin was actually a pretty good match. And now Baron Corbin will have a shot at the United States Championship at Hell in the Cell.


WWE Champion Jinder Mahal is already in the ring with The Singh Brothers. He talks about his opponent at Hell in a Cell in two weeks: Shinsuke Nakamura. Mahal admits he might have gone a little too far last week. Mahal says he respects Nakamura and finds him to a be a worthy opponent.

He plans to show respect to Nakamura this week. Mahal has a photo of Nakamura after he made his comments last week. A face of Nakamura smiling is put up on the screen. The Singh Brothers continue to laugh like A STUPID IDIOT near Mahal.

When he puts up another picture of Nakamura to mock him, it is actually live video of Nakamura and he tells Mahal he is looking at him live. The lights go out.

Here comes Nakamura.

The Singh Brothers bail and go after Nakamura. Mahal joins in attacking Nakamura. Nakamura kicks Mahal in the head and connects with the Kinshasa. Mahal rolls out of the ring clutching the WWE Championship.

2nd MATCH OF SMACKDOWN LIVE ⇒ The Usos VS The Hype Bros (Tag Team Match)



Winner:- The Usos
The New Day vs. The Usos inside a Hell in a Cell in two weeks will be the match that I am really looking forward to now.



Aiden English is in the ring and introduces Rusev, singing the Bulgaria national anthem. Rusev walks out and heads to the ring holding a Bulgarian flag. Rusev stands up on a stand with the Bulgarian flag over it. The mayor of the town where Rusev is from gets on the mic and reads a statement in Bulgarian. He presents Rusev with a key to the city of Plovdiv. The mayor also proclaims this day – September 26 – Rusev Day. The mayor presents Rusev with the key to the city and Rusev holds it up smiling.

Rusev talks about Orton being known as a “Legend Killer” back in the day and how he took everyone out early in his career. Now he is the one to rip the fangs out of the viper’s mouth. “I am the one who destroyed the legend of the legend killer. So Smackdown Live, it’s my jungle now.”

Aiden English has prepared a song in honor of Rusev Day. As English is singing the song, Rusev is still standing up on the podium and smiling. RKO out of nowhere when Orton jumps in the ring and connects on English. RKO on Rusev as well.

Orton celebrates.

Orton runs in tossing out RKO’s was fun.

3rd MATCH OF SMACKDOWN LIVE ⇒ Charlotte Flair VS Carmella (1 on 1)


Winner:- Charlotte Flair
After the match, WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya comes out and is happy to know that Charlotte’s father Ric Flair is recovering well. Nothing makes her happier to know that he gets to watch his “overrated daughter” fail at Hell in a Cell.

A decent match between Charlotte and Carmella tonight.


The bells hit and the lights go out in Glendale. Dolph Ziggler walks out dressed like The Undertaker and begins laughing when he reaches the ring. Ziggler asks if they really thought they’d see The Undertaker two times in one year. “Anyone can put on a Halloween costume and hobble on down here like a zombie. Anyone can do it. But no one can do what I do in this ring. No one.” Ziggler says this crowd still doesn’t care.

Here comes Bobby Roode to interrupt. Roode grabs a mic and says Ziggler is a very talented in-ring competitor. He also accuses Ziggler of being a hypocrite. Roode says for someone who doesn’t care sure seems to come out here like this every week. He says they are a lot alike, noting they both demand respect in this ring. Roode says Ziggler says he is the best ever in this ring and he wants him to back up that claim at Hell in a Cell.

Ziggler checks off the aspects of Roode’s entrance including a robe, smoke and a catchy song. He says Roode’s in-ring skills are no match for his. “You are everything that is wrong with WWE.” Ziggler says regarding the match, the match is on and adds that anyone who steps foot in the ring with him, they “rest in.” Roode cuts him off and says Hell in a Cell will be “absolutely glorious.

Nice to see Roode get back on TV after a few weeks off.




Winner:- No Result

After the match, Kevin Owens sits on the announce table and stares down at Sami Zayn. WWE officials and EMTs run down to check on Zayn at ringside. Zayn is helped up by EMT officials. Owens then attacks Zayn and the medical staff from behind. Owens steps on the throat of Zayn. Owens puts the head of Zayn inside the chair when Shane McMahon walks out. Owens tosses Zayn, who still has the chair around his neck, at Shane. Shane runs full speed at the chair and falls down holding his mouth. Owens bails into the crowd. Shane gets up on the corner and points at Owens in the crowd to come back down to close the show.

Loved the brutal ending to Owens vs. Zayn with the powerbomb over the ring apron, Owens did a great job on the attack sequence.

What do you think about this week’s Smackdown Live ??

Let us know down in the comments below !!

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