DATE: October 2, 2017

Denver, Colorado

One week after The Miz and The Miztourage assaulted Roman Reigns with a barrage of steel chair strikes, The Big Dog challenges The A-Lister for his Intercontinental Championship, live on Raw.

Can Reigns capture the workhorse title and silence Miz in the process?

Also on Raw, Seth Rollins squares off with the hulking Braun Strowman.

Let’s start…

1st MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Seth Rollins VS Brawn Strowman (1 on 1)

Winner:- Brawn Strowman

After the match, Strowman picks up Rollins and connects with a second power slam. Strowman leaves, but turns around looking to go back after Rollins again.

Dean Ambrose runs out and sends Strowman back inside the ring. Ambrose goes on the attack, but Strowman gets the better of him hitting two chokeslams and a running power slam.

Strowman heads to the back and both Sheamus and Cesaro walk to the ring. Cesaro with a Neutralizer on Ambrose and Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Rollins.

It was a good match to start off Raw.

2nd MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Elias VS Titus O’Neil (1 on 1)

Winner:- Elias
After a great start to the show, a poor match between Elias and Titus.

3rd MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Nia Jax VS Mickie James (1 on 1)

Winner:- Mickie James (via Disqualification)
It was a decent match. It looked boring at the start but it picked up the pace at the end.

4th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan VS Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (Tag Team Match)

Winner:- Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
A good Tag Team Match. Well, I think WWE should use Gallows and Anderson well. They can be a great asset to the WWE.




Before the match, The Miz and The Miztourage enter the arena through the crowd like The Shield used to. Miz is holding up the Intercontinental Championship.

Roman Reigns gets rid of the Miztorage by beating them up with a steel chair.

Winner:- Roman Reigns (via Disqualification)

Still the Intercontinental Champion……THE MIZ

After the match, Sheamus and Cesaro start a beatdown on Reigns. They toss Reigns inside the ring. Reigns starts fighting back, but Miz tackles Reigns. Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro start stomping away at Reigns on the mat. Cesaro with a Neutralizer on Reigns. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick that levels Reigns. Miz is smiling as Sheamus and Cesaro lift up a helpless Reigns and Miz connects with the Skull Crushing Finale.

Sheamus, Cesaro and Miz all go to leave, but come back and give Reigns a triple powerbomb like The Shield.

Sheamus, Cesaro and Miz all do the Shield fist pose.

It was a great match between THE MIZ and ROMAN REIGNS and I also like the Shield things that The Miz is doing.

Finn Bálor and Bray Wyatt never-ending rivalry continue……

Finn Balor heads to the ring to a big reaction from Denver. “This is Balor Club right here in Denver, Colorado.” Balor doesn’t like to come out here and talk. He prefers to fight. Balor talks about how Bray Wyatt likes to play mind games. He says Wyatt may refer to himself as a God or the Eater of Worlds, but he sees Bray for what he really is. Balor says Wyatt is a coward. “Bray, you lost to The Demon at SummerSlam. You lost to the man at No Mercy. You can make all the excuses that you want. But the simple fact is, you’re afraid.” He knows Wyatt can’t beat him. Balor invites Wyatt to come out here and face him.

Bray Wyatt shows up on the screen in his rocking chair saying “she never lied to me.” He says she “warned him” about people like Finn Balor. Wyatt calls Balor a liar for taking credit for creating The Demon. He wants Balor to show him his true face. Wyatt wants Balor to bring The Demon out again. “Abigail is alive and she is dying to meet you.” Wyatt’s face changes to having hair and paint on it. He begins laughing as a woman laughs with him.

Well, I think that Sister Abigail is actually Bray Wyatt with some creepy face paint.

6th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Sasha Banks and Bayley VS Emma and Alicia Fox (Tag Team Match)

Winner:- Sasha Banks and Bayley
It was a boring match.


WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore walks out and addresses Denver with his usual introduction. He tells all members of the Cruiserweight Division can “go to hell.” Enzo adds anyone that agrees with them can go to hell as well. He will even lend them his Certified GPS – the same GPS he used to put 205 Live on the map. Enzo talks about making the Cruiserweight Division the main event two weeks in a row on Monday Night RAW.

He talks about being able to hear a pin drop when those guys are out here wrestling. Enzo wonders why he is Public Enemy No. 1 when he put the division on the map. He talks about hearing a “YOU DESERVE IT” chant last week when he got beat up. Enzo agrees and holds up his WWE Cruiserweight Championship. “If having success is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.” He calls the fans jealous and how he makes more money than all of them.

Enzo talks about being hurt. “My back is killing me from carrying the Cruiserweight Divison on my back.” He tells all the Cruiserweights to fall in line since he crossed the line. Enzo said last week he set forth a clause that if any Cruiserweights attacked him, they would forfeit any chance at getting a shot at his Cruiserweight Championship. He has another clause that Kurt Angle signed off on. That clause is that if any Cruiserweight wants to lay a hand on him tonight, not only will they forfeit a title shot, they will be fired. Enzo is looking for some opponents and calls the entire division SAWFT.

Here comes Neville leading the entire Cruiserweight division. Enzo bails when Neville gets up in the ring. He asks if they enjoy the job or if they want to be on the unemployment line. Enzo gets back inside the ring and the entire division surrounds the ring on the ring apron. He pulls out the paper that states they will all be fired if they touch him tonight. Enzo mocks all of them on the mic. He dares any one of them to touch him.

Here comes RAW General Manager Kurt Angle out on the stage. He confirms none of the Cruiserweights at ringside can either challenge him for the title or touch him. Angle says none of this applies to the newest member of the Cruiserweight Division who he just signed: Kalisto.

Kalisto hits the ring and connects with Salida del Sol on Enzo.

He starts a “LUCHA” chant.

Backstage, Roman Reigns is coughing and holding his ribs from his attack earlier tonight by The Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro. Dean Ambrose walks up. Reigns

Dean Ambrose walks up. Reigns stands up.

Seth Rollins walks up. They all shake heads and Reigns looks back down as the show closes.

It was a good tease of the Shield Reuniting. But it will happen soon.

What do you think of this week Raw??

Let us know in the comments below !!

Thanks for reading !!

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