October 23, 2017

Green Bay, Wisconsin

After WWE Champion Jinder Mahal threw down the gantlet Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, how will The Beast and the unspoken Paul Heyman respond to the bold Survivor Series challenge by The Modern Day Maharaja?

Let’s start…


RAW GM Kurt Angle heads to the ring. Angle says every story has a beginning, middle and an end. “And last night I wrote a new chapter.” He says when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, he didn’t think things could get better until he competed back inside a WWE ring for the first time in 11 years. Angle called it a dream come true. “That was last night. This is tonight.

He said it is time to talk Survivor Series and how that night will feature RAW vs. Smackdown in just a few weeks.

The following matches are already scheduled:

  • WWE RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs. WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya
  • WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. WWE United States Champion Baron Corbin
  • WWE RAW Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos
  • WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal

Angle confirms a 5 on 5 traditional elimination match but adds not one but two will take place. A men’s elimination and a women’s elimination. He says as RAW GM, he wants it to be the most dominant show in WWE.

Angle goes to leave when The Miz, Sheamus, Cesaro and Curtis Axel walk out on stage to interrupt. Miz says this is his show and Angle was selfish to step in for Roman Reigns last night at TLC.

Angle tries to excuse himself when all four surround the ring and get up on the apron.

Here come Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose walking down through the crowd in Shield gear. They all bail and Miz accuses Rollins and Ambrose of sucking up to management.

Angle books The Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro vs. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and a superstar who attended TLC Last night and decided to stick around: AJ Styles.

Brock Lesnar was here to announce if he accepts the challenge of Jinder Mahal, but Kurt Angle announced the match right away. SO WHY IS BROCK LESNAR HERE TONIGHT !!

1st MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles VS The Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro (6 Man Tag Team Match)

It was a really good match to kick off RAW.

Winner:- Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles

After the match, Kane walks out as we see AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins get ready. Kane walks in and cleans house on all three men.

Kane with a chokeslam to Rollins. Kane tosses Ambrose through the ropes to the outside.

Kane has a mic and addresses Braun Strowman. He talks about how he was described as a Monster Among Men and how he took out Big Show and Roman Reigns. Kane liked what he heard, but he had to see it for himself. “What I saw was a pile of trash.

Kane says he put Strowman where he belonged last night: in a garbage truck. “I am and will always RAW’s only monster.” He says with Braun gone, he wants competition or else.

Here comes Finn Bálor.

2nd MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Kane VS Finn Bálor (1 on 1)

Winner:- Kane

Those 3 chokeslams to Finn Bálor was awesome. I like how WWE is treating Kane now. But eventually, he will be beaten by Brawn Strowman.


Angle is on the phone when Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon walks in. Angle and McMahon hug. Angle asks how Shane is feeling after Hell in a Cell. Shane says he is still recovering. Angle thanks him for loaning out AJ Styles and how he’d like to see him on RAW for good. He predicts RAW will win easily at Survivor Series.

Shane disagrees and predicts Smackdown will annihilate RAW.

3rd MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Asuka VS Emma (1 on 1)

I have already been bored seeing that match last night. But tonight it was a quick squash match just like I wanted it to be last night. Well, the crowd was not into the match at all.

Winner:- Asuka


WWE RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss heads to the ring. Bliss talks about defeating future Hall of Famer and “leader of the old folks home” Mickie James. She wants to put Mickie in the past. Bliss wants to talk about Survivor Series and this year she gets to take on the “cat lady herself” Natalya. She plans to remind her that only one goddess exists in WWE despite the two brands.

Bliss feels unappreciated. “Week after week I get zero respect.” She says AJ Styles and Finn Balor can get chants but wants to know where her chants are. “Where is my appreciation?” Bliss understands she is in the Midwest so she might have to spell this next part out. She wants to start a chant and have them chant it back to her. Bliss said the chant is: “you deserve it.” Here comes Mickie James to interrupt. James immediately kicks Bliss and plants her with a jumping DDT. James grabs the mic. “Alexa, you do deserve it.

In the era where anybody can kick out of devastating finishers. A DDT doesn’t look like a finisher.

4th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Elias VS Jason Jordon (1 on 1)

Winner:- Jason Jordon (via Disqualification)

That shot with the Guitar was awesome. Jordon’s arm was shattered.

After the match, Elias walks off with what’s left of the guitar and smiles. WWE officials attend to Jason Jordan on the outside. He has a noticeable welt on his left arm.


Paul Heyman introduces himself as the advocate for the reigning, defending and undisputed Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. He talks about someone having a problem with him using the term “undisputed” and the fact that Brock Lesnar is “the” champion WWE. Heyman says this same someone over on Smackdown Live has barely survived the title challenge of Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura. He talks about Lesnar eating through one of the most stacked rosters in WWE history. Heyman says that fact is undisputed.

He talks about living in the age of trash talking. “Everyone wants to hurl insults.” Heyman says he chooses to not trash talk Lesnar’s opponent. He says anyone who makes the decision to get in the ring with Lesnar is a real man. Heyman says he didn’t trash talk Goldberg, Samoa Joe or Braun Strowman. “But you Jinder Mahal? The make-believe Maharaja. With the Sing-Sing-Singalong Brothers doing my shtick of introducing you? You’re not Brock Lesnar’s equal.” He says when they think of WWE Champions they think of Bruno Sammartino, Randy Savage, Triple H, John Cena and his client Brock Lesnar.

We don’t think of Jinder Mahal. A consolation prize champion offered to Smackdown Live. Any brand that brags Brock Lesnar is the number one brand.” Heyman says Mahal is going to Suplex City for questioning the facts.

Jinder Mahal your challenge is hereby accepted by the undisputed beast. Your challenge is accepted by the undisputed conqueror. Your challenge is accepted by the undisputed, number one champion in WWE.” Lesnar smiles into the camera with the title over his shoulder and leaves.

5th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Sasha Banks VS Bayley VS Alicia Fox (Triple Threat Match)

Winner becomes captain of Team Raw heading into Survivor Series.

Winner:- Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox pinning Bayley is a nightmare for me. Bayley has been absolutely depreciated.

6th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Enzo Amore, Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, Tony Nese and Noam Dar VS Kalisto, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, Rich Swann and Gran Metalik (10 Man Tag Team Match)

We have already seen a 6 Man Tag Team Match earlier. So who in the world will be excited to see another 10 Man Tag Team Match?

Yes, Nobody !!

Winner:- Kalisto, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, Rich Swann and Gran Metalik



RAW GM Kurt Angle talks about Survivor Series being RAW Champions vs. Smackdown Live Champions, including the best of the best on the roster. He is here tonight to announce the five members of Team RAW that will take on Team Smackdown in a few weeks.

Shane McMahon’s music hits. Shane shows up in the crowd and is leading the Smackdown Live roster to the ring. Angle has a confused look on his face as a majority of the Smackdown roster starts to surround the ring staring down Angle.


Shane gets inside the ring with a mic in hand. He looks at Angle and says, “Under Siege.” Angle drops his mic and starts heading up the ramp. Shane tells the blue team to go get him. The Smackdown Live roster walks up the ramp and heads to the back after Angle.


We see the Smackdown Live roster walking the backstage area. They beat the hell out of the each and every Raw Superstar in the back. They drag Angle back out to the stage where Shane McMahon is still inside the ring. He tells them to bring Angle to the ring. Angle gets inside and Shane tells Corbin and Rusev to back off. Shane grabs the mic again. “At Survivor Series, I want you to bring your gold medal, what’s left of your RAW roster and we are going to finish what we started. Oh, it’s true, it’s damn true.” The Smackdown Live roster leave as Angle looks on upset as the show comes to a close.

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a good invasion in this company, pretty good execution for Survivor Series in a few weeks.

What do you think about this week’s Raw ??

Let us know down in the comments below !!

Thanks for reading !!

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