WWE RAW RESULTS 30th OCTOBER 2017 : Aftermath of last week’s Underseige


October 30, 2017

Baltimore, Maryland

After the Raw brand suffered an all-out onslaught, courtesy of Commissioner Shane McMahon and the SmackDown roster, the WWE Universe is chomping at the bit to know what will happen next.

Let’s start…


RAW GM Kurt Angle is in the ring and welcomes everyone to the show. He said tonight is a little different after everyone saw what happened last week. “Shane McMahon took what I thought what was friendly competition way too far and RAW paid for it.

Angle wants to apologize for letting his friendship with Shane get the better of him. He talks about how the talent had to pay for that mistake. “I put you in harms way. But I promise you, I will never do it again.” Angle goes on to talk about Survivor Series when he is interrupted.

Here comes RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie talks about RAW celebrating its 25th Anniversary in January. She quotes her father Vince McMahon saying the last 25 years have been great, but it was just the beginning. Stephanie says when her father put Kurt in charge, she was in full support and thinks he is done a hell of a job. She says Kurt has led by example.

Stephanie is not pleased that he let her brother take control of RAW the way he did last week. Angle knows she is upset. Stephanie doesn’t want to hear his excuses. She calls Shane shallow and manipulative. Stephanie says Shane had to come pick on her show. She is not happy and begins yelling at Angle. Stephanie wants to add a 4th “I” to Angle’s 3 I’s – incompetence. She says Angle can make it up to her by becoming the Team Captain at Survivor Series. “I expect results.” Stephanie says if she doesn’t get the results she is looking for, she will find herself a new General Manager.

What a way to kick off Raw tonight with the return of Stephanie. And Angle as a Captain Of Team Raw is Best for Business.

1st MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Bayley VS Alicia Fox  Nia Jax (1 on 1)

A sloppy match between Bayley and Nia. But still good match to start off Raw.

Winner:- Nia Jax

After the match, Alicia Fox grabs a mic and pretends to do a captain announcement. She reveals Nia Jax is her first pick to join Team RAW at Survivor Series.

Samoa Joe is back.

Joe says it would seem “some of you have missed me” based on that response he got walking down the ramp. He finds this amusing because he hasn’t missed any of them. Joe talks about the fans disrespecting him.

2nd MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Samoa Joe VS Apollo Crews (1 on 1)

It was a quick match and it was good. Joe came off like a big star tonight.

After the match, Titus O’Neil gets in the ring, takes off his jacket and walks towards Joe. Joe teases he is going to back off. Titus turns his back and Joe locks on the rear naked choke. Joe chokes out Titus as the referee tries to pull him off.



(The Miz VS Matt Hardy)

It was an awesome match between the two. Matt Hardy was so close to beat Miz for The Intercontinental Championship. Overall, I loved it !!

Winner:- And Still WWE Intercontinental Champion …..The Miz

Seth Rollins vs. Kane will take place later tonight.

Asuka is in action next.

4th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Asuka VS Stancie Cullen (1 on 1)

Winner:- Asuka

Kurt Angle begins panicking and yelling into a walkie talkie. He says they are here. Angle looks over confused and Daniel Bryan walks inside the room.

Daniel Bryan says he is here by himself and didn’t support Shane McMahon’s actions last week. Angle is having none of it and says he’s coming for Shane at Survivor Series, bringing his gold medals and his Team RAW.

Daniel Bryan is on the phone and says things didn’t go well with Angle. The lights go out in the room. He is still in the dark room on his phone. He’s talking about how he wanted to reason with Angle.

Kane shows up and grabs Bryan by the neck.

5th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Finn Bálor VS Cesaro (1 on 1)

Very good match between Cesaro and Finn Balor tonight. But again Kane is just degrading Bálor at all.

Winner:- Finn Bálor

6th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Kane VS Seth Rollins (1 on 1)

Winner:- Kane

After the match, Kane goes after Seth Rollins again. Dean Ambrose jumps in and takes out Kane with Dirty Deeds.

Kane sits up and now Sheamus, Cesaro and Kane go after Ambrose. Kane with a Tombstone Piledriver on Ambrose.

Rollins jumps on Ambrose to protect him. Kane picks up Rollins and gives him a Tombstone Piledriver as well.


The Miz is inviting Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel to his locker room celebration. They walk in and Miz says it stinks. Axel finds a bag of garbage on the ground. Miz says it has to be Braun Strowman. Dallas says he has his back tonight.

7th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Heath Slater and Rhyno vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (Tag Team Match)

Winner:- Heath Slator

1 word to say : TERRIBLE

Elias is playing his guitar when Jason Jordan interrupts. Jordan with a few shots to Elias and Elias bails. Jordan picks up the guitar and Elias tells him to stop. Jordan puts it down, but then stomps over it breaking it to pieces. Jordan dumps the guitar out.

8th MATCH OF RAW ⇒ Drew Gulak VS Kalisto (1 on 1)

Winner:- Kalisto

At least, The Promo was good.




(Alexa Bliss VS Mickie James)

It was a decent main event match. But I think this is not the actual MAIN EVENT.

Winner:- And Still WWE RAW WOMEN’S CHAMPION ……Alexa Bliss




The Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are trying to leave in a limo. We see them get inside. The limo comes to a sudden halt when it tries to leave.

We see a garbage truck backing up and lifting up. The doors are locked. Garbage comes spilling out of the truck.

Braun Strowman slowly stand up.

They get out of the limo. Miz, Dallas and Axel run away. Strowman chases them down. Dallas get tossed from the back. Braun Strowman appears as he starts walking towards Miz. Strowman tosses Miz into the LED screens and fights off Axel and Dallas. Strowman tosses Miz near the commentary table. Axel and Dallas attack Strowman. He easily fights them off. Strowman literally tosses Axel and Dallas on the ramp as they slide to the bottom.

Miz is crawling away.

Strowman catches up with him and tosses him down the ramp as well. Axel pulls Miz off the shoulder of Strowman. Strowman with a running powerslam on Axel. Strowman with a second running powerslam on Axel. Strowman with a third running powerslam on Axel. Miz is looking on concerned. Strowman with another powerslam on Axel. Strowman picks up a lifeless Axel and tosses him out of the ring. Strowman puts Axel on his shoulder, walks up the ramp and gives him a running powerslam through the commentary table!

Strowman heads to the back as the show comes to a close.

What do you think of this week’s Raw ??

Let us know down in the comments below !!

Thanks for reading !

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