Today, we will get to know about the reasons which drove Apple to the top.

I think nowadays Apple Gizmos have become self-esteemed for people and the basic apple tune which is all time favourite is pleasant in the hearing but that hearing cost you some extra pennies than other smartphones.

Despite being expensive from others the Apple still holds a huge market share whether it is in the field of smartphones or laptop.

The climb is tough, but the view from the top is worth it.”

Apple is the perfect example to prove this.

There are ups and downs in every business but how to tackle that situation is the main thing, business is the second name of risk and risk may turn up into either in success or failure and Apple has seen same highs and lows on its way to journey to become the best player in the market.

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One of the most popular results of work of Apple is HALO game. Taking the right decisions at the right time, building and strengthening supply helps a company to drive to the top.

So now let’s have a look over that….


apple 2

A nearly bankrupt Apple computer welcomed back its ousted founder in 1996.

There was a stage in the history of Apple when it was in the worst phase and was in the period of downfall. Apple was moving close to bankruptcy by each falling quarter and here comes the reentry of Steve jobs and joined the company and a year after became the CEO too.

This was the right time for action to give competition to rival bill gates who was at that time dominating the market.


apple 3

The status and the position that holds Apple today is even more remarkable because there was a phase in the history where it holds only single digit market share and face a tough competition from bill gates who hold 90% share, but there is a well-said line

Formal education will make you a living and self-education will make you a fortune.

And Steve Jobs has both at that time. Under the renewed leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple released all in one I Mac and due to this Apple was back into the profitability after long.


apple 4

After the successful launch of I Mac, Steve Jobs plays another card and guess what??

It got even successful too; Steve Jobs was aware of the changing trends and launched a small compact piece of technology.

Steve Jobs has something else in mind before its launch he wants to expand its customer base by strengthening its feet in the market. As it takes the first move in this field so his first move actually pays off I-Pod soon became the trend and Apple sales boost up and it also became the hot selling cake of apple.


apple 5

Steve Jobs also announced a new UNIX-based operating system, finally delivering the promise which was made at the acquisition of startup of jobs NEXT, the OS delivered new interface called Aqua which also inherit the compatibility for the earlier MAC OS 9.

The early version of Mac OS X suffered from the bugs issues but over the period it solves the problem with several upgrades.


apple 6

To increase the customer base of the products there should be an availability of them and for this, there should be proper and consistent supply to ensure this, Apple started planning to set up stores but earlier the idea of opening dedicated store was considered unconditional but it worked like other ideas of Steve Jobs, it also worked.


apple 7

The another from the outbox ideas of Steve Jobs was Mac Book it debuted in 2006 with new Intel chips and a complete industrial makeover, doing away with many design and performance flaws that were in earlier editions.

Its features attracted all the classes whether they are consumers, professionals, students, even though there were cheaper notebooks at that time and it also emerged or become the single best-selling laptop of any brand in the US.


apple 8

Finally, the wait was over…..Apple delivered what everyone was waiting for and yes it was its first smartphone which brings the revolution in mobile phone industry.

Although mobile phones were in the market they were nothing close to I Phone and on the top of that Apple launched its own app store, which allowed users to download applications with additional features. Combined the I-Phone and the app store gave Apple a commanding lead in the mobile revolution. According to the recent study, Apple has sold over 50 million sets and app store carries over 200000 apps, served over 3 billion downloads.

8.) I PAD

apple 9

Everyone was thinking that Apple has launched MAC Book, phones and like others, it will soon launch tablet like other tech giants even this time it played smart and launched I Pad and guess what??

It was Apple, who has the last laugh. It was a device which was a perfect mix of smartphone and computer. Like iPod and iPhone soon I Pad also become the status symbol and broke all the records.

Supply was never an issue with the apple and that act as a major reason for its glory.

The ladder of success is never crowded at the top”

Napoleon Hill


Yes, Apple proves this line and at present holds a top position starting from the root and with a bunch of failures is a part of success is what Apple has conveyed us and after that, it still keeps on taking steps as it introduced the concept of I cloud storage and other safety measures.

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